“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

We all might be aware of the common proverb-“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Games play a crucial role in the life of children to develop them mentally and make them more social and outgoing. Games help us to improve our imagination and can increase the creativity in ourselves.

Board Games were what we used to play when we were too lazy to go out or when the weather was bad.

Where it started and where board games are going in the face of technology.

People who are now in their mid-twenties or thirties might remember of the days when they wanted to enjoy with family or friends, people used to play board games such as Monopoly, Risk, Sorry, etc. and we used to have a good time.

Often when we felt lazy to go out and play; we used to stay in and play board games. Board games have been in this world since 500 B.C. Where people started playing board games with two sticks which finally turned into a game of dice. So board games have been popular for many centuries.

The disruption caused by technology on board games

But with the technological advancements and the availability of cheaper products these board games looked like it would become extinct. And now we can see our children sitting in an invisible anti-social cocoon and enjoying their games on their smartphones. For most of us, it is a bit awkward, as for us playing meant social interactions.

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These children playing video games can be found to be introverts, lacking confidence and social skill. Even creativity and physical health are affected. But now people are realizing this fact and are going for modern board games like Ethnos, Ticket to Ride, etc.

We would like to inform our readers, the importance of playing board games and how really they can improve our mental health and creativity.

Video games have a therapeutic advantage as it decreases stress and induces laughter. Some board games are so exciting that it quickly releases happy hormones - “endorphins” in our body which makes us feel happy throughout the day. 

Board games are a good reason for a get together in a family where most our family members are involved and can strengthen the bonds in family relationships.

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Helps to develop Social Skills

Modern board games are engaging and require stepping up and socializing more. So playing board games helps develop social interaction skills, which are lacking by most video games players.

Healthy for the Brain

Modern games enhance the utility of brain and can definitely turn out to be an exercise for our mental health. It has been found out by scientists that today’s board games are really creative and intuitive and can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases in older people and can increase the mental growth in children.

Improves Focus and Attention

Board games require focus and attention and can help the person to concentrate for long hours. It helps us think, analyze and plan which are useful tools in one’s life. It has been aptly said by Einstein-“Games are the most elevated form of investigation.”

There may be plenty of benefits to playing board games apart from what I have mentioned.

Board games can also make you a social star if you are great at any one of them. People will come to play with you and learn about the games and this can help you make new friends.

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Board games apart from building self-confidence and social skills can also help us decide how to set goals and be patient. This is also one of the important characteristics of successful people which are being cultivated by board games.